Recipe 10: Fritos Swiss Dip (1956)

This is a great moment in Recipe Replay history…


You wouldn’t believe how many times I stumble upon what I think is a unique recipe only to find that 10 other people have done it and done it better. I assumed that would be the case with this recipe but I CANNOT FIND A RECORD OF IT ONLINE! I thought that I would be the first person to post something from the booklet from which I obtained the recipe but, alas, Quaint Cooking did a different dip first and better. Still, I AM SO EXCITED!

A few weeks ago I ordered a box of cookbooks from Ebay to do some research for my blog. When it arrived, this was stuffed among the actual cookbooks:

It is a small pamphlet called “Fritos Favorite Party Dip Recipes” published in 1956 to go with the purchase of King Size Fritos, which are pictured like this in the leaflet:

I am having a hard time uncovering when these were produced and discontinued (they are not available anymore).

It was Superbowl Sunday so I decided that we needed to have some party food for the big game. We were having a party of 2 but we could still celebrate! I found this recipe book for dips and thought it would be perfect. I gave my husband the choice of which dip we were going to make since he would be eating most of it. There are recipes for dips like Clam Tempter, Nautical Dip, Lucky Dip, and Anchovy Pickup but we were not that brave and went with Swiss Dip.

Without further ado, here is the (I think) first time Fritos Swiss Dip has been published online:

The first step is to melt the butter and blend in the flour, then add chicken stock and cream, which is pretty self-explanatory.

I worked all day before this and that’s why I look like a tired nerd.

The next directions say to add half an onion. My husband asked repeatedly what we were supposed to do with it (chop it? grate it? slice it?) but we realized that when the recipe calls for half an onion you add a half an onion.


Once the sauce had thickened, we removed the onion (easier said than done) and added the two kinds of cheese-Parmesan and Swiss.

We let the cheese blend on simmer and this happened:

It was a greasy, goopy mess. My husband said to give it time and it would blend together. I was not confident but had no choice but to hope this would happen.

After about 30 minutes or so and a little bit of stirring, the dip was ready to serve! We did not have any King Size Fritos so we went with the regular Fritos, the Fritos Scoops, and Tostitos Scoops.

Our house was purchased from Floridians, hence the flamingo bowl.

We paired the dip with sliders and our meal was complete!

Time Travel Experience: Loved it! The booklet felt retro, and the fact that very few people are even aware that it existed made it even more fun. It accompanied a product, King Size Fritos, that is not even made anymore. The book and the illustrations felt very 1950’s.

Overall Experience: This was amazing! The dip was a bit greasy (5/10 for me, 8/10 from husband) but it had a nice flavor and the half onion added really did make a difference as far as making the recipe less bland. The dip was difficult to scoop because it got very stringy very quickly (perhaps only King Size Fritos could have handled it). I loved making this because I felt like I was doing something unique, regardless of how the food tasted. I guarantee ours was the only Superbowl party with 1956 Fritos Swiss Dip!

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